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Napa Valley

Airplane Model Regular Hour Rate Scotty Club*
Cessna 162 Skycatcher 119.00 109.00
Cessna 182 Skylane 189.00 179.00
Cessna 182 Turbo G-1000* 311.00 301.00
Instructor Hourly Rates for Rental Aircraft
Flight Instruction and Tutoring - Primary 55.00
Flight Instruction and Tutoring - Advanced 75.00
Photo Shoots
Multi-Engine Instruction 75.00
Flight Reviews 90.00
FAA Wings Flights 55.00
1/2 Hour Discovery Flight 125.00

Prices effective January 20, 2015

All prices are based on current rates.
Rates are subject to change at any time.

* Leaseback Aircraft - not owned by Napa Jet Center, Inc.

*In order to receive Scotty Club prices, renters must be Scotty Club members in good standing. Scotty Club annual membership fee is by placing $2,500 on account and maintaining a $500 balance. Additional benefits include a 10% discount on selected pilot supplies in our gift shop.


Check Out Policy
All renters must take an annual check ride with a Napa Jet Center Certified Flight Instructor. Special authorization is required for IFR, VFR night, and mountain flying privileges. (Anyone who has not flown in the previous 180 days will be required to complete a check-out). Napa Jet Center instructors will ensure rental pilots are trained to proficiency prior to rental. Sorry: No instruction is permitted by non Napa Jet Center flight instructors in Napa Jet Center aircraft. No Napa Jet Center aircraft are allowed outside the Continental U.S.
Cancellation Policy (Updated 10-01-2008)
All students and renters are expected to give a 24-hour cancellation notice or they will be assessed a $150 no-show fee to cover the cost of the aircraft time and instructor time not utilized. In addition, students that show up for a flight lesson not prepared will be sent home and also charged $150 for not being properly prepared for their flight. Rental planes not picked up within 30 minutes of scheduled departure will automatically become available for other renters to use. Exceptions may be made if you call ahead and advise of a late arrival. It is Napa Jet Center's goal to always keep aircraft and instructors available to it’s customers to have the best possible customer service..
Credit Card On File Policy (Updated 07-24-2009)
All renter pilots and students will be required to have a current credit card on file with the Napa Jet Center Flight School/Pilot Shop for recurring flight/ground and shop charges. If there is not an active card on file with us you will not be dispatched an aircraft.
Minimum Daily Requirements
(Requirements apply to both regular and Scotty Club renters who have reserved an airplane for a day or more.)
1 hour minimum on aircraft rentals.
3 hour per day minimum on daily rental and overnights.
Note: Rental planes not picked up within 30 minutes of scheduled time become available for other renters. Exceptions will be made if you call ahead to advise of late arrival.

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Cessna 172RG Cutlass164.00154.00--!>


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