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Napa Jet Center has taught thousands of adventurous men and women to fly since 1946. Is flying a dream of yours? You will learn the mechanics, theory and rules of flight, weather, navigation and much more.



Imagine yourself behind the controls of an airplane! Start learning at Napa Jet Center’s flight training program and you will find yourself in the pilot’s seat in no time.

Napa Jet Center is the area’s only Cessna Pilot Center and uses late model Cessna aircraft. Through Cessna’s Computer Based Instruction course, students can train at home, and schedule flights with an instructor using our online scheduling program. Our seasoned Flight Instructors are part of the world-renowned Cessna Pilot Center system, where you will obtain your license in faster time, utilizing the latest online training courses.


Napa Jet Center offers experienced pilots a convenient, comfortable learning atmosphere to accomplish their flight reviews and recurrency training, as well as earn their advanced ratings from our experienced, knowledgeable flight instructors. We provide various training levels from sport and private pilot through Commercial Certificates.


Once you’ve mastered flight training, if you are in the market for a new or used aircraft, our aircraft sales department is ready to assist you. We also offer aircraft for rental, affording you an opportunity to maintain your proficiency. Our rental and training aircraft fleet come fueled, cleaned and ready to fly with the latest equipment.


Whether you’ve dreamed about flying or logged thousands of hours, you can obtain expert guidance from our top-flight instructors.


Unsure if you want to learn to fly? A Discovery Flight will provide you the opportunity to have hands-on experience in a training aircraft before you commit to start training. Call our Flight School and Pilot Shop at 707.603.1210 or   to discuss your future as a pilot.