Below are some of the services we provide. 

Avionics Services


  • Avionics Repairs and Installations

  • Transponder Installation

  • Transponder Certification

  • GPS and Audio Panels

  • Angle of Attack Indicators

  • Engine Analyzers

  • Wire Harness Fabrication

  • TCAS/TAWS Installation

  • DER/DAR Services

  • In-Flight Entertainment Systems

  • ELT & PLB Systems

  • Weather Avoidance Systems

 Aircraft Custom Panel Fabrication 
  • Custom Panel Design and Fabrication

  • Advanced CAD Design

  • FAA/DER Interface Approval

  • Test Panel Creation

  • Laser Engraving

Aircraft Wire Harness Fabrication
  • Pre-fabricated wire harnesses for several manufacturers such as Garmin, L3, Avidyne, and Asper

  • Custom Coaxial Cable Assemblies (Rg58, RG142, RG400)

  • Component Harness Integration such as GPS, Audio Panels, TCAS and Transponders

  • Discrete wire assemblies ranging from single end terminated to multi-breakout harnesses

  • Connector and back-shell replacement

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